Jul 5, 2008

MOMUS "the poison boyfriend" (UK,1987)

could have been your consciousness, but i guess that never works, so treat me like an equal till it hurts (from VIOLETS)

MOMUS is the mythological Greek god of mockery and laughter and also the pseudonym behind of which you find the "tender pervert" Scotchman, Nicholas Currie, a like no other, provocative intellectual in the heart of modern music industry. Momus, like a chameleon, changes personas from album to album and from song to song, presenting for more than 20 years now an extraordinary gamut of "others", among which the less famous (as ironically has been said) is himshelf. His musical style, similarly,varies from acoustic ballads, to electropop, acid house, techno, sophisticated lounge, electronic cabaret, a.o. Any kind of fashionable music style can be good enough to "serve" his mocking plans. Although he has the instinct of gifted, simple, catchy melody, the core of his art is more like an author`s, a bitter philosopher`s and a comedian`s, - an ideal combination for controversial acceptance. Nicholas,as one of the most post modern figures in recent music, mixes sociology,anthropology, psycho-sexuality, clear political attitudes, black humour, romantism, cynism, misanthropy and a deep knowledge of literature, confusing the roles of delight and cultural critisism.
THE POISON BOYFRIEND, his second album, first for Creation records, (fortunately has not much to do with the boring sound of this label) is quite influenced by the spirit of poetic european intellectualism. Nick doesn`t hide his love for J.Brel & S.Gainsbourg, while the acoustic style of his fine debut "CIRCUS MAXIMUS" goes parallel with the slow development of an electronic pallete that would master his following works.
The vinyl version, we post here, consists of 8 songs, while another version of the album has additionally: "11 executioners", "what will death be like", and "murderers, the hope of women".These 3 extra songs can be found in "MONSTERS OF LOVE" singles collection (an album we might post in future). Instead of those, our post includes as bonus tracks the 1995 revisited versions of "the gatecrasher" & "closer to you" (from album "SLENDER SHERBET").
Riped from original vinyl. (75mb)
listen here

For lyrics ,discography,etc go to:
also visit Nicholas blog:


kurt said...

more from momus, please!
any chance of posting ' little red sogbook', 'stars forever', slender sherbet', etc.....

paramo said...

"slender sherbet" and/or a compilation of momus tracks we ll post soon, hopefully.

Jonathan Rimorin said...

I second the vote for more Momus! I've been looking for "Murderers, the Hope of Women" for a while now; and I would much love to hear "Lucky Like St. Sebastian" again.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't happen to have a copy of The Happy Family LP from '82, would you?

Anonymous said...

yes, Mark, this one is missing.And that`s why our family of Nicholas records is a not so happy family.Therefore if you know any place where this one is hiding, come and tell us.

Anonymous said...

Hello everybody! Nice blog
Well, I have The Happy Family LP.
Give me a few days and I'll be back with a rip of it!


Anonymous said...

as I told you, here it is:
The Happy Family - The Man On Your Street (1982) at 320 kbps
(tagged on the end are the three tracks from the "Puritans" EP, 1982)

pass: ira

and here is the lyrics:

(all Momus lyrics here: http://www.phespirit.info/momus/ )

and a few requests:
I'm looking for "Timelord (1882)"
(had it and lost it...)
and for
"The Ultraconformist (1992)" &
"Monsters Of Love" (Singles1985-1990)
at 192kbps or above
(I have them at 128kbps only)


Anonymous said...

dear iraklis, thank you so much for your brave participation in sharing music. Due to temporary (i hope) web difficulties, i haven`t dl HAPPY FAMILY yet. I guess, i ll get it soon. About the albums you mention, i have them all in vinyl (not riped yet). the thing is that i have been away, and i shall not be back before a weak. Then i ll rip TIMELORD for you.Give please (using our email) an adress so i tell you more about. Hoping for further contact & thanking you again... take care - paramo

Anonymous said...

I've already contacted to the e-mail mentioned a few days ago...
I'll re-send it now.
Thank you very much for the response for "Timelord". I have no problem waiting as long as it takes. Also, about Happy Family, feel free to post it in your blog if you want (or re-upload it or whatever). And if you missing something from Momus (or anything else) let me know. I might be able to help.
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


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