Jul 28, 2008

PROOF OF UTAH "Happy to be here" (US,No Man`s Land,1988)

A cross between avant jazz/prog and Camper Van Beethoven would sound strange and probably would cause embarrassment both sides of fans. On the other hand stuff amusing, accessible and with a positive character is enough to make weirdness afficionados stay away. This could be some explanation why Ohio`s PROOF OF UTAH, have been one of the most unjustly ignored bands of the second 80`s half. Mainly a duo - MIKE BROSKO (voice, guitars,bass, keyboards) & LOUIE SIMON (voice, drums, percussion), with addition of sax, flute, mandolin, harmonica, clarinet and other instruments players - PROOF OF UTAH created, beyond those influences, an innovative style of their own, and it is no surprising at all, that legendary german label NO MAN`S LAND (much admired for its fine avant jazz, R.I.O., postprog, alt-exp, releases) gave home to their 3rd album.
POU`s cartoonish attitude about songwriting unfolds a funny, sharp, critical, ironic, metaphorical and rich to references language. It brings an observative, provincial life experience close to a mentality brought up with literature, retro, jazz and postpunk spirited alternativism. POU describe life`s little oddities by embracing several sides of their (american) culture. And if their subversity has nothing dark nor despaired, this is because they are HAPPY TO BE HERE.

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Check out comments for infos & latest PROOF OF UTAH news by MIKE BROSKO himself !


Mark said...

Proof Of Utah was actually from Champaign, IL.

Anyway, thanks so much for this excellent album!

illuminaut said...

great post, cheers!

paramo said...

PROOF OF UTAH are from Bowling Green, OHIO.Check their page:
www.proofofutah.com -LFDJ

Anonymous said...

The good news is you are both correct. Proof of Utah formed in Bowling Green, Ohio. We released our first two albums in Ohio. Then we moved our operation to Champaign, Illinois and built our own recording studio. This is the first album we recorded in Champaign (thus the name of the album and the song "Change of Address").

Louie and I have been working on a new Proof of Utah project. We posted one of the new songs at www.myspace.com/proofofutah. Drop us a friend request if you pop in for a visit.

Thanks for the post.

paramo said...

It`s great pleasure (reasons to exist) to have words from artists themselves in our pages.
Thank you very much, Mike, for the great honour and the valuable infos you have added to this post.
There is love, appreciation, remembrance...
Awaiting for your future works LFDJ will be in touch.

sexy said...
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Anonymous said...
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