Jul 3, 2008

TRINOVOX "incanto" (ITA, 1994)

into the mouths of sound...
TRINO for triple, VOX for voice, and NOVO for new. This word roots exploring behind the name TRINOVOX is quite eloquent about this italian ensemble - a trio from Florence made up exclusively of voices. Bound by their common desire to search and experiment new ways in the use of voice,and knowing that voice & body are inseparably related, TRINOVOX study deeply the technique and practice of mime and acting. As Latins, they begin from the ancient cultural heritage of the Mediterranea but their eclectic vocal tour goes globally, ranging from the classical to the new, from traditional to contemporary. TRINOVOX compositions are complicated combinations of famous poetry, singing, instruments miming, and mouth created noises, all arranged imaginatively, leadind finally to an art form of their own.

INCANTO (it means "incantation", use of magical words for enchantment, but also, in latin, it means "inside singing" ) was the debut work of TRINOVOX, the result of 3 years exploration and reseach about the nature and possibilities of "vocal sound". It`s very remarkable that there are no double trackings here. TRINOVOX recorded exactly only what were able to perform live, so the final result captures the adventurous also side of this exceptional effort.

INCANTO released from JARO - a german label specialized in "difficult" avant-ethnic-world works - and includes a booklet with all the literature/poetry text used here.

01.L`Albatros (Ch.Baudelaire)
02.Shir Hashirim (King Solomon)
03.Cancion de Jinete (F.G.Lorca)
04.Furu Ike Ya -into the old mirror- (japanese poets)
05.The waning Moon (P.B.Shelley)
06.Nei to grandi oci (Giacomo Noventa)
07.Addio, Monti (Alessandro Manzoni)
08.A Lyric (T.S.Eliot)
09.Vivamus Mea Lesbia (Gaius Valerius Catullus)
10.-22.Inferno (Dante Alighieri)

INCANTO (73mb)


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