Jul 30, 2008

PATRIK FITZGERALD "Pillow Tension" (UK, Lazy Dog,1995)

Patrik Fitzgerald is an important figure of the punk generation. The distinctive way he sings his poetic lyrics along with the minimal rattling of an acoustic guitar is enough for him to develop the full core dynamics of the genre. Instead of meaningless slogans, epidemicaly spread nihilistic cliches and an emptiness hidden behide electric noise, Patrik opposes against the sense for no future an ability to turn sad findings & bitter feelings into penetrating words. Beside ironic, sarcastic social criticism, he wants to understand deeper what causes him pain and where it comes from. He is a romantic, a lyrical. The intellectual and the lover of punk phenomenon ("...i ve got a safety pin stuck in my heart for you..."). Whenever words "punk" & "poetry", comes together, it is him, instinctly, they recall.

PILLOW TENSION is the 1995 Patrik`s album that released (exclusively, i think) from greek label LAZY DOG. Patrik`s constantly sharp sensibility has reached here a non innovative, though mature, settled down, essential pop songform played by a group (guitar, keyboards, sax, drums, bass). Lyrics develop a melancholic anatomy of life`s situations which make "breathing so painful"
 Pillow Tension (75mb)


Anonymous said...

Thank you! What an underrated passionate performer. One of my all time faves.

George Harold said...

Could you re upload this link? Thanks!