Jul 26, 2008

KIP HANRAHAN "A thousand nights and a night (1.Red night) " (US, American Clave, 1996)

...the infinite night, the fragmented night, the multiplying night, the one red night...

Less than what we commonly call a composer (even an avant one) and more like a director, a mastermind of a "different" approach to music art, KIP HANRAHAN sets in motion a new sense of musical geography, making us feeling citizens of a wide art universe where nothing seems to be located where we thought it had been before. Songs, musicians, genres, traditions, novelties, global memories, poems, silences come floating into a new sensibility`s space, where join together to establish eclectic relations, to cause nocturnal behaviours, to express a fleshly inspired, cosmopolitan intellectualism.
From the many nights the Hanrahian one night arrives and the same way the many americas unify the avant-NY-latin-afro-cuban-jazz-funk-soul-music-literature in one world art.
What if the Orient seems to be superficially absent. It returns at dawn, when the dayrise delays the one thousand and one nights` ultimate breath.
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