Jul 17, 2008

ROBERT FORSTER " Warm Nights " (AUS, 1996)

Despite of no commenting on our previous RF post, we feel there is a lot of love and interest in THE GO BETWEENS, and ROBERT FORSTER albums, so ... we post here one more of his solo works.
Recorded in London January/February 1996 (with EDWYN COLLINS as producer & session musician) "WARM NIGHTS" reflects not much of a winter longing for warmth; it is more a sentimental journey, full of images of the endless australian landscape that comes out in mind , under the hot oceanic sky, around or after dusk. Music, lyrics, & album artwork refer to country life daily drama and lonely wandering. Behind town scenes, heavy warm clouded skies, motels, neon lighted signs, highways, luna parks, old cars crashed or parked in the middle of nowhere,... ROBERT misses the TGB days ("Rock-N-Roll friend") ... while accompanying instruments (cello, tuba, sax, trumpet, trombone, flugelhorn) adds to the indie/ country/folk/pop/b-road movie atmosphere some more artistic romance.


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Mark said...

Thanks for the Robert Forster music, I never heard these albums and am charmed by them!