Jul 14, 2008

ROBERT FORSTER "Calling from a country phone" (AUS, 1993)

After THE GO BETWEENS disbanded,(1989), members GRANT McLENNAN & ROBERT FORSTER went solo for a few years. Rejoined circa 2000, released 3 more albums and became history when GRANT passed away in his sleep at home in Brisbane, in 2006,... while recently, (2008), ROBERT released "THE EVANGELIST", a work with high emotional importance for all those followed the band or members history through the last 30 years.
"CALLING FROM A COUNTRY PHONE", recorded at his native Brisbane in 1993, is second ROBERT`s solo album. After the quest of the indie pop perfectness with TGB, ROBERT pursues a new refreshed contact with the music language of the australian landscape. Following "DANGER IN THE PAST"(1990) - a work with indirect references to the historical/philosophical thoughts of WALTER BENJAMIN(!) - CALLING FROM A COUNTRY PHONE is an LP of that particular electric/acoustic blues-country-folk blended flavour that we recognize as idiosyncratic australian rock and roll.

Autumn sun
dissatisfaction for those
that want a burning sun
an ever present sun
a guardian sun
a tyrrant.
the Autumn sun
lights beauty, and in natural
corners shadows decay,
the giving and taking that many say
is the way to live.
R.FORSTER (from the inner sleeve notes)

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mialee said...

This ones been stuck in the car stereo for the last couple of days.
Thanks very much for sharing this gem.