Jul 10, 2008

PASCAL COMELADE " Un Samedi sur la Terre" (FRA, 1996)

music from a DIANE BERTRAND film

Some older Pascal`s compositions joined few new themes and variations for the soundtrack of "UN SAMEDI SUR LA TERRE" [A Saturday on Earth].The demands of film score force probably Pascal to present here a concept less heterogeneous, emotionally tenacious, focused on some central ideas, played basically in piano while the well balanced addition of other instruments like accordion, violin, mandolin, guitar,winds, toys, acoustic percussions emphasizes discreetly the dreamy melancholic nostalgic atmosphere. Most Saturdays on earth go blooming with expectations and obviously end when Sunday has long begun. This one leaves behind the open path of ... le bleu du ciel
A Les Disques du Soleil et de l`Acier release

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