Jul 2, 2008

DICTAPHONE "m.=addiction" (GER, 2002)

Somewhere between the low urban lights and the after hours lounge noir scenery you find the Berlin based duo of DICTAPHONE to construct slowly, their own abstract electronic world. Sounds and microsounds from a discontinuous memory form the indefinite border of an open to anything night, while jazz methods fill the cold empty spaces with the acoustic warmth of a lone voice, a saxophone, a clarinette, an accordion... And as if you never stop drifting into a cyclical city, the ever changing environment lies around like a random factor, ready to reinforce or ruin the illusional escaping you have felt...
DICTAPHONE is Oliver Doerell (electronics, various instruments) & Roger Doering (sax, clarinette), and "m.=addiction" is their debut effort. They have also released a second album "Vertigo II", and the "nacht" EP through City Centre Offices label.

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