Jul 12, 2008

MOMUS "Slender Sherbet" (UK , 1995)

under the constellation of chameleon...

As requested, here it is "Slender Sherbet", a collection of alter versions of early Momus songs, recorded in Paris, in 1995. Tracks from " Circus Maximus" , "Poison Boyfriend", "Tender Pervert", " Don`t stop the night" LPs etc., revisited (or perhaps revised) by Momus himself, in search of a more fashionable, poisonous, provocative, (experimental sometime) musical form. Stranger than any remix practice, yet equally modern as the middlenineties pop status, Nick covers Nick, knowing well that there is no such thing as a definite composition.

"...if you really love me, you must love my insecurity/ if you really love me, take lovers/if you really love me you must really love my jealousy/ if you really love me, love the others."

from "A complete History of Sexual Jealousy..."



Snatan said...

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