Jul 7, 2008

DEEP FREEZE MICE "Teenage Head In My Refrigerator" (1981) + "The Gates of Lunch" (1982)

Second and very possibly the best DFM album. British post punk art at its most innocent, surrealistic, paranoid, experimental.Intellectual references filtered through the common or uncommon young people daily life and dreaming. Raw recordings, simple ways to express a sense of tragic, irresistible melodies, diy practice, sci- fi, dub parody, sudden sadness alternated or confused with funny scenes...Hundreds fragments of past come strangely together and change meaning into DFM world.The quintessence of a free pop culture.

Riped from 1991 Madagascar label cd version which was edited by Alan Jenkins himself & includes bonus material (tracks 13 - 17).

Third LP from Leicester`s psych pop , postpunk, diy, crazy intellectuals. No less lunatic than its predecessors, it continues exposing the surrealistic, paranoid world of ALAN JENKINS and co.
A trip through innocence, pop simplicity, mistakeness, parody, cartoonish imagination, half-abandoned ideas... Polanski`s dog, Hegel guitars, Hitler`s knees, beasts in love with ashtrays,... a green egg that  explodes on Tuesday.

Alan Jenkins - voice, clarinet, percussion, guitar, Hegel guitar
Sherree Lawrence - organ, piano, synth
Michael Bunnage - bass
Graham Summers - drums, percussion, scrabble etc.

Gate Of Lunch exhumed and revitalised by Alan Jenkins. Released on cd in  1991 with bonus tracks.(not included here)..

Teenage Head In My Refrigerator

The Gates of Lunch
More Deep Freeze Mice lovely stuff available at  http://www.cordeliarecords.co.uk


Anonymous said...

You really have some very interesting stuff which is also to be found on my blog (Deep Freeze Mice, 17 Pygmies, Creedle etc.). I have added your site to my blog "http://feelinkindafroggy.blogspot.com"

Jim D. Pie said...

There are some other fine CDs by The Deep Freeze Mice available here: www.cordeiarecords.co.uk

Alan Jenkins

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these Deep Freeze Mice albums

Anonymous said...

Thanks,but the link for the gates of lunch is in fact a link for Teenage Head again.Can you fix this? Thanks anyway.

paramo said...

link fixed!