Jul 6, 2008

DAVID SHEA "an eastern western collected works" (US, Sub Rosa, 1999)

David Shea is an american avant garde composer known for collaborations with Scanner, Jim O`Rourke, Charles Hayward a.o....and for solo works like "the tower of mirrors", "satyricon", " shock corridor"."An Eastern Western Collected Works" comes from late 1997, a very busy period for the composer who was performing, rewritting older works, preparing new performances, and earlier that year composed "Satyricon".
David Shea creates music based on synths, samplers and various electronically treated sound sources. His sonar landscapes range from post classical and contemporary composition to experimental ambient, soundtracks, avant jazz, improvisation...
According to himself "An Eastern Western..." is a more physical and personal approach to the sampler combined with connections to acoustic classical traditions both eastern & western.
The opening track " dangerous ground " for example contains loops from Hermann, Scelsi, Schubert, Satoh, and Mancini, while other tracks are takes or recompositions of some of his previous works. Tibetan liturgies, meditative fields, enigmatic atmospheres, jaw harps, trumpet improvisations, film inspired elegies... are some other pieces of this amazing puzzle...

DAVID SHEA - sampler, piano, jaw harps, voices, synthesizers
DAVE DOUGLAS - trumpet
JIM PUGLIESE - percussion, tympani, vibraphone



Anonymous said...

Thank you ! The whole Sub Rosa stuff is always very good !

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thank you very much!

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On dirait que Pidshare à fait dans son froc, n'est-il pas ?