Jul 2, 2008

HECTOR ZAZOU "geographies " (FRA,1982/1989)

Hector Zazou is a french-algerian post modern composer. His art knows no limits among forms, genres. Melting unpredictably the most contradicted elements, sometimes in the same song, he creates music much superior than any sum of avant, electronics, pop, french folk, ethnic, ambient, soundtrack, post classical, vocal music you can imagine. The sounds in Zazou works loose their usual meaning and are refracted towards new directions through always modern view prisms.

Geographies is one of Zazou`s best works; my favourite together with "Reivax au Bongo" (1984). Released from Crammed Disc (Made to Measure as vol. 5). Consists of two parts: "geographies" & "13 proverbes africains" (for vocal quartet). Highly experimental and contemporary - a map of secular sonic pleasures that sometimes reach the heights of a metaphysical chill.


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