Jul 21, 2008

SHOCK HEADED PETERS "Several Headed Enemy" (UK,1992)

Difficult to trap in one description what finally KARL BLAKE represents for the british underground territory of the last thirty years. At least he is uncompromised and unpredictable. His involving in music goes through numerous bands, collaborations, projects, solo works... From avant-punk to neofolk, from psych to experimental, from industrial to eccentric pop sensibility, from romantism to 70`s hard /prog influences... Some of his most important works are with LEMON KITTENS (with DANIELLE DAX ) and SHOCK HEADED PETERS (with DAVID KNIGHT).
"Several Headed Enemy" (compositions recorded `90-`91) is the third SHP`s album. Funkier & fuzzier than the landmarks "Not born beautiful"(1985) and "Tendercide" (1996), it uses many of KARL`s "heavy" obsessions, along with electronic rhythms, to create a babylonian sound scenery where massive, threatening constructions, doomed atmospheres, electric mess, noir narrations, are crossed by a pale lighted but insisting, dream-lyricism.
I would buy their albums even only for their heterogeneity that absorbs you towards an unexplained nostalgia without end.

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kostasK said...

Απίστευτοι όμως?!

Είδα ότι κάποια τραγούδια τους τα τραγούδησαν και οι Tiger Lillies

paramo said...

Δεν γνωρίζω σε ποια τραγουδια αναφέρεσαι.Αν εννοείς το αλμπουμ των TIGER LILLIES "shockheaded peter", αυτο σχετίζεται με το ομότιτλο παραμύθι και βιβλίο παραμύθιων του γερμανου συγγραφέα Heinrich Hoffmann. (der struwwelpeter, 1845).Διάφορες μουσικές/θεατρικές παραστάσεις εχουν στηριχτεί σ`αυτό.
Όπως εξάλλου είναι προφανές ο κόσμος των TIGER LILLIES ειναι εγγύς στο δεύτερο και μάλλον άσχετος με τους πρώτους.Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες αναζήτησε στό διαδίκτυο (πχ wikipedia) το λήμμα shockheaded peter ή struwwelpeter.
Φιλικά LFDJ.

Slow Pulse Girl said...

I would be very appreciative if you could reupload this :) :)

paramo said...

"several headed enemy" reuped!!

ROOKSBY said...

This links to a Y Records compilation rather than SHP's Several Headed Enemy, is there any possibility you could rectify it at some point as I'd love (repeat: L.O.V.E.) to hear the latter? Many thanks. :)

paramo said...

wrong link corrected! must be ok now.