Jul 24, 2008

ESKIMO " The Further Adventures of Der Shrimpkin " (US,1995)

The memory map ESKIMO unroll before listener`s imagination is full of various complicated details and references located on a long and wide past. This San Francisco avant jazz/post prog quintet, mainly influenced by Zappa, Residents, R.I.O., and the experimental sound of labels like No Man`s Land, Recommended, Ralph, Review a.o., is one of the most refresing, amusing, imaginative, yet humoristic bands that continued and extended in 90`s the kind of music that is related with the names mentioned above. Beyond influences, their sound is clearly their own, created with inspiration taken from many different areas. Mainly they like to put contradicted elements to argue each other and they do so, at times spontaneously, at times provokingly, trusting their subversive instinct in any case. Vibraphone lounge comforts are invaded by furious rock decisions, the coolness of jazz horns clashes with horror parodies, funny lyrics are overtaken by drunkards choirs, marches & melodies come from somewhere before the war, art & hardcore go hand in hand... A paranoid mosaic of mind and soul oddities that mean, before evaporated, to be registered as facts into a world chewy and elastic like the cartoons`.

DAVID COOPER - marimba, vibes, vocals
MARK LANDSMAN - bass, vocals
JOHN SHIURBA - guitar, vocals
TOM YONDER - trombone

ESKIMO - kill the great raven

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Anonymous said...

i bought this item from a second hand record shop in Prague, 8 years ago. I will remember this very small place, for my surprise to see there thousands titles, while i had already known the existance of very few only of them.
I chose to post the image of the real front cover i own ( with the wrinkles appeared shimmering out of the dark) instead of some virtual reproduction i could find in web.

Jonathan Rimorin said...

Holy crap! I used to see these cats play at my university back in the day! Kresge College 1991... anyone? anyone?

cmazarski said...

I want to deeply and thoroughly thank you for this one. It took me too long to find it.

Oozlum said...

Hello Paramo,

can you still remember what shop did you find this item ? It might probably not there anymore but I've been living in Prague and would love to go to such a place. Thank you very much for your remembering.