Jul 7, 2008

17 PYGMIES "Missyfish" (US,1991)

17 Pygmies started as a side project of Savage Republic but after SR disbandment, they followed an orbit of their own. Original main members Philip Drucker & Robert Loveless became trio with the addition of the poet Louise Bialik and completed band`s first phase with " Missyfish", a Nate Starkman & son LP consisting (side a) of the re-released 12`` "Hativka" (1983) and (side b) "missyfish" recordings from 1988/89.
17 Pygmies reflect the psych pop side of SR. Dreamy/haunted new wave style, atmospheric guitars, female vocals,various avant & eclectic small ideas.
Recently, after more than 16years silence, Phillip Drucker & Louise Bialik reactivated the band.

Riped from vinyl. MISSYFISH(54mb)
(link updated Jan 2014)


Anonymous said...

Oh, S.R. & 17 Pygmies. You make me cry.
Anyway, I saw S.R. last year and this year and they were just superb.
Support them, buy their records, follow their shows.
Thans a lot La Folie Du Jour

Anonymous said...

i have been searching for the full album online,and i realized that this blog was the only chance for someone to listen to it free.however,the download link has expired..please restore the file,we need it..thank you

paramo said...

a new link is uped!

UbU said...

Emmm...Link dead, could you re-upload it again?

Anonymous said...

Broken Link!

This is my only chance to listen.

Thank you so much