Jul 21, 2008

MECANO " Robespierre`s Re-Marx / History Landmarked " (NED, 7``single,1983)


Intellectual abuse at the epoch`s open end /made sure that/ aristocrats knit rebelesque hands/ in their Arm..., despite some sane`s alarm/
So the marriage between bourgeoisie and revolutionary/made one uniformed, unisexual beast/ that hoisted at least..., fringe in top/
And the victory fused/ laid round the pole of next era/ got lit while aeshteticism and suicide copulate/ as part of ...romance -sans-sense /
According to , aforesaid /finally two births took place,/ resulted in one race:/ The agitator par excellence shaped in torso.


The cortege of nobility and clergy/ sets in motion slowly/on the way to the scaffold./Their final eye is fixed on the sky/ under which they lived superior/ to the rabble turned rebel/ that ordered them to die./ Guillotine`s knife reflects grimly / the shine of a rising sun / that predicts rivers of red /heads pierced as trophy/it`s a shame to be among the dead. /
The Reign of terror makes them bleed/ cause the rabble need to be fed/
But the masses and the classes mix up/ so the pointed massacre turns at random./Even leaders of the revolt are dragged into their / own ostracism, kill each other cause of pursuit/ personal phantom./
But as a collective, they already consumed/the feudal web, started liberation with grandeur/ at revolution`s first unstable step.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ah, Mecano. One of the best things that could ever happen to music. If you like them, do not forget to check Flue (their second album was produced by Mecano's singer Dick Polak) and One By One by Minimal Compact, where Dick Polak sings on a very beautiful track. Hope many people will get into Mecano, they deserve it.

paramo said...

dear oldskool, thanks for your nice comment.Similar sentiments as yours have pushed us to share what we love the most. We have both FLUE LPs, and also some MINIMAL COMPACT albums, along with "Retitled" , "Autoportrait" and other related stuff. Most of them have been posted already on web. Nevertheless anyone likes them and can not find them elsewhere let contact us through comments or even better through e mail address of LFDJ.
We would like also to listen to MECANO collaboration with R WYATT and a cd called "a shapeless volume" which escaping at the moments from our ears.

Anonymous said...

Dear paramo,

thank you. I haven't heard of the Mecano/Wyatt collaboration. When is it from?

You can find the "Shapeless Volume" at No Longer Forgotten Music: http://433rpm.blogspot.com/2007/10/mecano-shapeless-volume-cd-hp.html. But in no case should anyone start their Mecano journey with that!

Anonymous said...

dear oldskool,going to www.mecano.ws/archive/album/album/htm
you ll find all (supposedly) MECANO discography. Among other releases you see a MECANO-WYATT cassette released seemingly in 1981 with an issue of a french magazine called "tago mago".
Thanks for your valuable informations.take care.