Aug 29, 2008

CREEDLE "When The Wind Blows" (US, 1996)

San Diego`s hardcore chaotic extremists adopted, on their third album, an incredible gamut of styles & references (jazz-latin-klezmer-acoustic-alternative rock) sounding actually matured, more focused and yet crazier(!) than before. John Zorn is a major influence, but even Barrett-like fragile ballads ("Wisdom tooth", "Golden gate") have a position in their weird puzzle. Tracks last from few seconds up to ten minutes. An excessive, unrespectful and totally convincing band in a work of unconventional, provocative eclectisism.

CREEDLE: Devon Goldberg (guitar/voc), Tim Blankenship(bass/voc), Dion Thurman(drums), Cochemea Gastelum (sax), Robert Walter (keyboards)


Anonymous said...

unsung heroes of san diego. a forgotten gem. supposedly reuniting for the casbah 25th anniversary party!

theniceone22 said...

Please, re-post the link another time, it's dead. It's very hard to find, thanks!

theniceone22 said...

Thanks alot!

paramo said...

a new link is up!

Stathis said...


can you, please, re-post this LP?
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Efstathiou Stathis

paramo said...

stathis, it's reupped!