Aug 25, 2008

ARTURO STALTERI " Flowers" (ITA, Materiali Sonori, 1995/1998)

"L`interminabile tempo mi adopera come un fruscio" -G.UNGARETTI

ARTURO STALTERI, a classical educated musician, was the man behind keyboards, percussions and vocals of italian prog legends PIERROT LUNAIRE. After two albums, the band paused activities and Arturo followed a solo way, released "Andre sulla luna" (1979), and "E il pavone parlo alla luna"(1987), both highly recommended electronic-prog-minimal-art-ambient LPs. "Flowers" originated from 1995; MATERIALI SONORI though, replaced first edition with a 1998, one-track-richer (sheltering sky theme) re-issue. A solo piano album where Arturo defines, in a way, the personal, favourite music universe that lies behind, around and inside his art. Names of Debussy, Glass, Sakamoto and also Chic Corea, Darryl Way gives an idea for the wide range of this impressionistic, minimal, modern, cinematic, endoscopic trip. Arturo adds to them compositions some fine pieces of his own, unifying a more complicated concept which suggests a multileveled,delightful and critical "reading" of the album.
Alone, facing piano`s black & white monochrome, as a witness of night & skylights ("un tasto bianco, un tasto nero..."), Arturo grows into his (and ours) nocturnal imagination, flowers with petals made of a moonlit touch.
FLOWERS. (80mb)

 "The interminable time treats me like a rustle"

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