Aug 4, 2008

C CAT TRANCE "Zouave" (UK, 1986)

C the sickle moon

C CAT TRANCE formed in 1983 when John Rees Lewis (vox, sax) & drummer Nigel Stone left MEDIUM MEDIUM, one of the respectful and forward looking, post punk -funk band of the era. C CAT TRANCE extended the avant dance forms of MEDIUM MEDIUM in a more art-pop-world direction, diminishing guitar noise, using anxious synth layers, dark pop atmospheres, traditional instruments, middle eastern influences. They were ahead of their time & albums like KHAMU(1985) & ZOUAVE(1986) presage the ethno/dance/electronic styles that was to dominate the music planet late 80`s & beyond. C CAT TRANCE songs though, have no ephemeral glance, they express a nocturnal evocation, an anxiety proceeding from the different, the unexplored. The saxophone in the front cover is laying down the desert like a snake, and with snakelike ways this post punk exotism is seeking for trance.
ZOUAVE (52mb )


Anonymous said...

fantastic. thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for introducing us to this. I loved Medium Medium from the very beginning, especially the tracks Guru Maharaj and Serbian Village which I now interpret as a hint to what should come with C Cat Trance. Never listened to anything by them before, I guess because the name is misleading. I always thought of bad synth pop -- maybe just because of the terrible German C. C. Catch. Thank you for lifting this treasure! (Is that correct English?)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Do you think you could provide their very first mini album from 1983? That should be interesting!

Anonymous said...

get C CAT TRANCE "Khamu" from AD NAUSEAM blog (
Instead that mini LP, we ll lift for you some MEDIUM MEDIUM related post.

nikos said...

Δεν πίστευα, μετά απο τόσα χρόνια, οτι θα έβρισκα μουσικές που σην εποχή τους δεν μπόρεσα να αποκτήσω. Τραγούδια που άκουγα τυχαία ή κάποια άλλα που για δύο και πλέον δεκαετίες δεν ειχα ακούσει ξανά.
Εξαιρετικό blog, υπέροχες μουσικές.