Aug 30, 2008

EPIC SOUNDTRACKS "Rise Above" (UK,1992)

Epic Soundtracks (birthname Kevin Paul Godfrey),brother of Nikki Sudden (1956 - 2006) was the drummer of Sudden`s band SWELL MAPS. During the 80`s he played on JACOBITES works. At that time he joined CRIME & THE CITY SOLUTION and later he formed (along with Rowland Howard) THESE IMMORTAL SOULS. Two albums released under that moniker... and early nineties, Epic, who has already been one of the most well respected session musicians of indie circuit, started working on the idea of a first solo work. Finally "RISE ABOVE" came to reality before the end of 1992, featuring contributions of J Macsis(Dinosaur Jr), Martyn Casey(Bad Seeds), Anthony Thistlethwaite(Waterboys), Will Pepper(Thee Hypnotics), Lee Ranaldo(Sonic Youth) and Rowland Howard. Songs, built mostly on piano-voice with addition of horns and strings, have a classic pop art ballad character, and certainly are quite influenced by BEATLES.
RISE ABOVE followed by two more albums: "SLEEPING STAR" & "CHANGE MY LIFE" and a collection of out-takes called "DEBRIS". A fourth, unreleased, album "GOOD THINGS" saw publicity only in 2005... nearly eight years after Epic had passed away, suddenly, in his sleep.