Aug 17, 2008

THE HAPPY FAMILY "The man on your street" (UK, 4AD, 1982)

Here it is the early days material of NICHOLAS CURRIE, recorded in 1982 for 4AD, (rereleased with the addition of 3-songs EP "Puritans" in 1992) and provided here by good friend, Iraklis. Although Nicholas first steps take him not far from Postcard`s sound (Orange Juice), oddity appears from the first moments, especially on lyrics & the strange story in Nicholas mind which give the album a conceptual character and, in a way, explain the peculiar second title: "songs from the career of dictator hall" . Briefly, an interesting work, and a valuable addition to the study of MOMUS phenomenon.Thanks Iraklis for this gem.

Man on your street + Puritans (113mb) at 320kbps
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Anonymous said...

2 more Momus:

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no pass


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paramo said...

Comments space,the usual dark side of a post becomes luminous after such gifts.Iraklis, you re building a temple, you re building a space, you re building a nest, you re building an open crypt. Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Paul Haig from Josef K play on this? Must dig out my copy to check