Aug 8, 2008

V.A. " Dark Paths" (UK, 4AD / WEA Greece, 1982)

This greek-inspired compilation (released from WEA Greece in 1982) catches 4AD, the legendary UK indie-underground label at a time when this label was independant and underground indeed. Promotioned by the music cosmogony of that period (can you count how many genres/subgenres raised or enjoyed their blooming peak circa 1979-83?), 4AD was back then home for top influential alternative bands (BAUHAUS, COCTEAU TWINS, BIRTHDAY PARTY), art-industrial experimentalists (COLIN NEWMAN, GILBERT-LEWIS), avant funk, dark/noise post punkers (MEDIUM MEDIUM, REMA-REMA, MASS ) and several other cult heros, some of which have been remaining still obscured (DANCE CHAPTER). Despite of quite long for vinyl standards duration, one hour music (7 bands - 13 tracks) proves to be too little to demonstrate the wide range of 4AD`s eclectism. Nevertheless the compiling is quite successfull. It reveals, without sacrificing diversity, relations & similarities among several music ideas, capturing something like "a common spirit circulation" from band to band. As a result we have a tight compact manifest of some of the most innovative electric-art inclinations of the era.
DARK PATHS end by crossing with the original bauhaus artist RENE HALKETT, who recites monumentaly his poetry, at the age of 82,... a while before passing away.

"...unseen my weightless hand restlessly laid on nothing ..." Rene Halkett ("Nothing")

DARK PATHS (75mb - vinyl rip)


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One of the best compilations ever made!
I have this on vinyl.

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Thank you !!!

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