Aug 15, 2008

PETER JEFFERIES "Closed Circuit" (NZ, 2001)

Compared with its predecessors (SUBSTATIC,1998 & ELEVATOR MADNESS,1996) "CLOSED CIRCUIT" is a more song orientated work. Peter concetrates his acoustic-electric, art-minimal-noise aeshtetics in shorter compositions and the album, generally, sounds dense, more lofi, less experimental than past. Critical, yet poetic lyrics place him next to artists like Peter Hammill. He remains one of the last great romantics in a dull world...
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Closed Circuit (34 mb)


Anonymous said...

Excellent, I played 'The last great challenge in a dull world' for about three months straight, hopefully this is as good, but how could it be? I'll look forward to giving this a proper listen, they reckon it's going to be raining tomorrow, something to do in the afternoon maybe, or I could wait wait for half-light, that would be about right. Chose to listen to the avant garde New Zealand artiste - another wise decision.

M. said...

Thanks for this! My first listen, too, since downloading Last Great Challenge a few yrs ago. Glad to hear a man still walking towards his destiny.