Aug 27, 2008

PETER JEFFERIES "The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World" (NZ,xpressway,1990)

THIS KIND OF PUNISHMENT paused activities in late 80`s... but Jefferies brothers didn`t stop heading avant garde/alternative/exp-lofi world releasing other new amazing works. THE LAST GREAT CHALLENGE IN A DULL WORLD (following the collaboration with Jono Lonie: "At Swim Two Birds", 1987) is the first of Peter`s highly challenging solo LPs. And rather the best, ...considered that this man`s artistic power is more influential when focused on piano-voice songform core.
The "last great challenge..." posted here after a request.


Unknown said...

thanks again, jefferies has
the sound and concept.
is there a jefferies/galbraith coop?

Congrats on a very well
documented blog

Anonymous said...

P. Jefferies & A. Galbraith played together at THE RIP & at PLAGAL GRIND, both short lived 80`s bands.