Aug 8, 2008

MARTYN BATES "Mystery Seas (letters written #2) " (UK, 1995)

MARTYN BATES started sending his LETTERS WRITTEN in 1982, when he released his first solo work - the highly personal character of which demanded a songform made of the most basics ( keyboards + voice). And while this work went obscured by the magnificence EYELESS IN GAZA radiated constantly, (disbanded 1986 - reformed 1993)..., a second batch of LETTERS WRITTEN, appeared after reunion. Slowly evolved themes, haunted droning keyboards, autumn/winter romantic atmospheres and Martyn`s dominating vocals (in great shape) rule again, but this time sound is a bit less monotonous, the folk scent is stronger, arrangement includes some percussion, winds and.... it is the discreet (nearly illusional) presence of PETER BECKER (co-production, percussion, vocal harmonies) that makes, behind shadows, these seas nearly as mysterious and seductive as some of the best EYELESS IN GAZA works.

"...imagination feels like poison..."

Letters Written #1, 1982

Dance of Hours (Letters Written #3), 2001

Mystery Seas (78 mb )


Anonymous said...

What a great artist!
from "EYELESS IN GAZA" mainly,
to solo efforts and the magnificent co-operations with Anne Clark.

Thank you! I was missing this one


Oozlum said...

The file is temporarily unavailable and it seems that it is not available somewhere else. can you reupload (is there any way to solve this out?), please ? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

new link!
"Mystery seas" reuploaded

Anonymous said...

absolutely wonderful..thank you !