Aug 29, 2008

BENJAMIN LEW "Nebka" (BEL, 1988)

Benjamin Lew, Belgian electronic-ambient, new age composer, known for collaborations with Tuxedomoon`s Steven Brown, released this gem in 1988 with Marc Hollander on percussion / clarinette, Blaine Reininger on violin, Claudine Steenackers on cello, (Steven Brown on clarinette in starting track) and Gilles Martin engineer & co producer. Nebka, is a work of high clarity, that marks the boundaries deletion among genres, ... and one of the best and most characteristic releases of Made to Measure series. Third world rhythms, exotic colours, jazz phrases, minimalism... invade playfully the romantic moods of european heart. An avant soundtrack for shores beyond vision & artlands... that any dreamy listener would gracefully depart to.
NEBKA (55mb)


Anonymous said...

this is a beautiful album. a must have.

can you post any of his work w/ Steven Brown? or his other release 'Perfume du Raki'?


paramo said...

using LFDJ bloggers buttons, please visit:
1.CAPA NOSTRA for BENJAMIN LEW/ CONTROLLED BLEEDING "les nouvelles musiques des chambre"
2.THE THING ON THE DOORSTEP for LEW/BROWN "douzieme journee..."

edlorado said...

Ευχαριστώ, εξαιρετικό album!

Anonymous said...

Muchísimas gracias por esta aportación.
Saludos desde México.