Oct 10, 2008

MINOX "Downworks" (ITA,2001)

MIRCO MAGNANI (piano, clarinette, keyboards, voice) and MARCO MONFARDINI(drum-machines, electronics, voice) are italian duo MINOX. In 80`s they released the arguable interesting, STEVEN BROWN produced, mini LP "LAZARE". In 90`s they formed the label SUITE INC where dealing mostly with production and remixing . Their very small output includes a limited single with LYDIA LUNCH. "DOWNWORKS" - a much better place to start - released from their label in 2001.
Ambient electronica, downbeats, and guests like Nobukazu Takemura, The Gentle People, a.o., try to modernize (with middling success) an approach that actually remains stuck to the dark artistic visions 0f 80`s and the sounds of TUXEDOMOON, MECANO, FLUE etc. Although they copy overtly the originals, there are moments here that can excite the friends of romantic, dark, melancholic soundscapes and really deserve to be chilling past reminders. BLAINE REININGER plays violin on two tracks, while LYDIA LUNCH`s participation on some spoken words is one of the lowest points of the album.

downworks (link removed)


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