Oct 2, 2008

GUY KLUCEVSEK & BANTAM ORCHESTRA "Citrus, my love" (US,1995)

Accordionist, composer GUY KLUCEVSEK has worked with top avant garde musicians, has formed his own bands and participated in many projects, film scores etc. He is also commissioned a lot of music for theatrical performances, festivals, happenings...
CITRUS, MY LOVE contents three parts: the three movement Passage North, the eight movement Citrus my love, and the composition Patience & Thyme, all commissioned by various parts, composed in 1990-91, recorded in 1992 and released by RecRec in 1995.
GUY KLUCEVSEK plays on a very thin and sometimes paused seeing line among mourning, natural melancholy, quietness and meditation. He combines classical, minimal and folk, american and (central, east) european influences with Far East beeing present as atmosphere and artistic tradition, as the gentle expression of impressions and sentiments following a ceremonial process.
Beside GUY KLUCEVSEK(accordion, piano) the BANTAM ORCHESTRA is : ERIC FRIEDLANDER (cello), MARY ROWELL (violin, viola), JONATHAN STORCK (double bass).

Citrus, My Love ( 68mb)


Anonymous said...

thanks, paramo!

i've never been able to track down this one, and i'm not only a freak when it comes to the wonderful composer and accordion player klucevsek (incl. his work in accordion tribe!), but i also dig most of the releases from the old recrec catalogue!

i see many classics around here i like - orthotonics, albert marcoeur, catherine jauniaux, doctor nerve, david garland, louis sclavis - but i'm especially glad i finally found tenko's debut (!!) - and this here!


p.s.: hope you don't mind being linked by me - otherwise drop me a comment! ;)

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for your new blog.Play and enjoy!You are linked too

Anonymous said...

very kind of you! - and i indeed enjoy the music! klucevsek is a charming giant.