Oct 31, 2008

BAD DREAM FANCY DRESS " Choirboys gas " (UK,1988)

This work captured perhaps better than any other el release the nature of this label. Immature and experienced, weird and light, innovative and simple, funny and very girlish... Just two young girls and his madjesty the King of Luxembourg (Simon Turner)...
Despite of the (better late than never) recognition of el, this great pop gem remains strangely overlooked.


Wayne Davidson said...

This album is hilarious. "The Supremes" is a favourite and when I did radio shows it made regular appearances. Does anyone know what happened to them? I suspect Bingo addiction...

Anonymous said...

with a write up like that who could resist a peek.....?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wayne and Anon for your insightful comments. It may surprise you that I am married to Cat the blonde one and we now live happily in Cardiff. She still gets royalties, a few pence per screching copy. You can see her on Sky station S4C Tuesday at 8pm playing a nasty piece of work with black hair. In real life she is lot like that but still an eccentric lunatic and she has never played Bingo more likely to play rugby. Pat the long suffering husband !

Anonymous said...

I'll bite this! thanks!

Wayne Davidson said...

That's fantastic!! Thanks for the news, and I'm pleased to hear all is well in BDFD land. Choirboys Gas is such a fun record. Do see if you can persuade Cat to write some of her recollections about recording it, how it came about etc... I'd love to know more!

Next up - where is Anthony Adverse these days?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wayne, Before anything I must correct what I wrote about her being "a lot" like a the gangster she plays on Welsh TV, I meant to say "not" like that. Its more like living with a cross between Joan Rivers and Peter Sellers. She has lots of funny stories about the days of BDFD that would make an album or a book in themselves. I will try and persuade her to share some with you and interested parties. I do get the unfortunate pleasure of hearing her sing in the shower and her bizare dress sense is not better either. By the way this is both our second marriages and as an ex-Trappist monk and retired schools inspector she has introduced me to some wicked habits - never a dull moment. Yours Pat

Anonymous said...

This is easily one of my favourite albums of all time. It's like the perfect mad car crash of punk, girl groups and indie pop. It never fails to put a smile on my face, generally when I need it the most.

If Cat's husband is still reading this you need to talk the girls into a reunion gig in London. BDFD is totally on my dream list of reunion gigs, somewhere just ahead of Trixie's Big Red Motorbike. Make it happen, sir!

A Trappist monk? I love your beer. :)

mad monk said...

Dear Wayne of Nov 08 and Dave Knapik of March 09. This is Cat's husband again I am really glad for your interest in my amazing wife, now an actress on Welsh TV as a native Welsh speaker. On TV next week. I am pleased that BDFD is now on Youtube, about time. I think that Cat should find where Cally is now. But It was Cally who refused to go on tour to Japan in the old days so the idea of a 'reunion' is sadly remote. Perhaps as D H Laurence said 'you must never do the same thing twice'. BDFD is a moment in time that has made a difference and mocked the world of stereotypes and 'Reality TV'. I know they would mock what they see today - where celebrities are famous for being celebrities not for their artistic talent. I know I am biased but I rest my case.

Patrick the mad monk

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Anonymous said...

Hello, any chance of posting a new link to this? Love your site, by the way! Thanks!

Unknown said...

I, too, would appreciate a re-post of this, as well as some of the other els. Take your time though, I don't want to seem like I'm cracking the whip :)

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