Oct 8, 2008

ORTHOTONICS "Luminous Bipeds" ( US, 1986)

The second and last Orthotonics LP
For ORTHOTONICS and their first album "Wake up, you must remember", see LA FOLIE DU JOUR previous post.



L'Homme Scalp said...

THANK YOU FOR THIS. I never had the time to rip my vinyl. Cuts are a little bit too tight at the beginning of each song, and I lost half-a-second when I listen to them.



gidouille said...

Thanks, I have the album. Some other blog ripped this awhile back and there was a ground loop hum running through the entire recording. Made it nearly unlistenable. I saw The Orthotonics in 1986 and they were superb. Offstage, Rebby Sharp and Dan Finney struck me as very sweet and genuine individuals.

His work is very subtle, but I think Fred Frith's production really captured the band perfectly.

Unknown said...

Oh... too late. It's gone. Can it be re-uploaded please?

paramo said...


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