Oct 15, 2008

MINIMAL MAN " Sex with God " (US/BEL, 1985)

Following TUXEDOMOON`s european trail, electro-industrial/post-punk pioneer Patrick Miller relocated to Belgium where he released four more MINIMAL MAN LPs. "SEX WITH GOD" was the first of them. Recorded in Brussels, with help of BLAISE SMITH (keys, guitar, drums) and KRISTIN OPPENHEIM (vocals) and released from Berlin experim/industrial label DOSSIER.

Patrick`s "brutal" drawings of lovelessness & cruelty has an elegiac depth, but from title to the last song... this art keeps no distances; seeks for the limits of its own approach; it is itself, a deeply conscious part of the painful situations that exposes.



Anonymous said...

I remember when his first album came out. As I was depressive at that time, it suited me perfectly. Still I think his music was great and unique. -- Can you provide The Sleepers' stuff? I have been looking now for a long time, but no one seems to have their single and album. I would be very grateful,

Anonymous said...

a small contribution by me (and my favourite album):

MINIMAL MAN - The Shroud Of (1981)
A1 Loneliness (3:41)
A2 Two People (2:13)
A3 High Why (1:59)
A4 Hospital (2:12)
A5 Blue Step (2:02)
A6 Hatemonger (1:27)
A7 The Shroud (3:13) (Featuring - Michael Belfer)
B1 Now I Want It All (3:42)
B2 The Hex Of Sex (2:00)
B3 You Are (2:34)
B4 I Don't Resist (2:04)
B5 Jungle Song (2:50) (Featuring - Steven Brown)
B6 She Was A Visitor (3:41) (Featuring - Steven Brown)


and thanks a lot for the Momus EP!
keep up the good work


Anonymous said...

oldskool, thanks for comments.
i have Sleepers compilation "LESS AN OBJECT", if you mean that SLEEPERS.
But for a week or so i will appear only on comments occassionaly (no internet). - paramo

Iraklis, thanks for this. Can not say more now. in future i post "monsters of love"

Anonymous said...

paramo, yes, that's the right Sleepers! And the compilation contains everything I wanted, as I just found out. Looking very much forward to that!!!

soundhead said...

wow!! just found you're blog! it's great!! thank you for all of these treasures!

Jerry said...

I am also looking forward for "Less an object" and many thanks for the other stuff!