Oct 10, 2008

RAN BLAKE QUARTET " Short Life of Barbara Monk " (US,1986)

Highly lyrical, haunting sound monument in remembrance of Monk`s daughter who died just two years after her father`s passing away. RAN BLAKE directs a flowing of emotional images the way the music becomes an almost natural bridge between memory and sentiments, knowledge and imagination, between life experience and action of dreams. Apart from 3 originals ("short life", "impresario of death", "pourquoi laurent"), SHORT LIFE includes also some standards and other really "reinvented" compositions from a less known world area.
The classical-avant-jazz idiosyncratic pianist and improvisator works and performs usually solo, but contributing musicians (former BLAKE`s students) are really "into his spirit" and this work is one of his finest.

RAN BLAKE ....piano
RICKY FORD ....tenor sax
ED FELSON ....bass
JON HAZILLA ....drums

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thanks for this. the rapidshare link is dead but megaupload is OK.