Oct 16, 2008

MOMUS " Nicky " (UK,1986)

Accompaniment to CIRCUS MAXIMUS long play album, this 3-track EP shows the european/folk/ballad origins of Nicholas art. Inspired momus spoken adaptions of Jacques Brel tunes constitute a respectful homage to the (greatest of the greatests) belgian songwriter... but Momus whimsical idiosyncracy drips like poison from the heart of the songs.

NICKY (14mb)


Anonymous said...

I was drip fed Momus through the mid-late 80's by a friend who included his tracks on a whole series of mix tapes. A rare [and rarely toasted] talent. Thank you

ps any chance of the monsters upload mentioned on your previous post?

Anonymous said...

QEF, THANKS for comments.when back i`ll give a link for monsters of love single collection.

Anonymous said...

thanks! great bonus tracks. um... er.. you wouldn't have circus maximus by any chance?