Oct 13, 2008

CHRIS KNOX " Yes!! " (NZ, 1997)

The usual lo-fi-folk-pop-garage recipe for writing simple, homemade, sarcastic, critical, self-ironic and yet sensitive songs, by using cheap tricks and poor means is not always inspired.
" YES!! ", his 1997 release, sounds a bit "tired" and at times boring. The bonus disc though, that escorts " YES!! " is (in my opinion) more interesting. It contains, prologued by CHRIS, ten songs himself like to perform live. Some of them deserve placing in a possible anthology. If an anthology were enough in his occassion...
Get a listen of some bonus disc selections here. (23mb)

Song of the would-be messiah / Consdicuous consumption / Maxillofacial homocraft /
The counsellor`s song / The grip /

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