Nov 19, 2008


Home of the resurrected 17 PYGMIES, which reappeared in 2006 after 16 years absence, TRAKWERX is a contemporary californian indie label, run by veteran "pygmy" Jackson Del Rey (a.k.a. Phillip Drucker) and newcomer "pygmy" Meg Maryatt. Apart from 17 PYGMIES and DEL REY`S works, TRAKWERX has already released other interesting albums by new artists like english duo CULT WITH NO NAME, SMOLDERING ASHES...
Jackson Del Rey writes also music for silent era films (Nosferatu, Battleship Potemkin) under moniker DEL REY & THE SUN KINGS. Their 2005 album "I am the light" was the debut release of the label.

After LOUISE BIALIK departure 17 PYGMIES reformed as THE 17th PYGMY and their latest line up is:
Jackson Del Rey (keyboards, guitar, vocal),
Jeff Brenneman (ex WHITE GLOVE TEST, guitar),
Meg Maryatt (guitar, vocals, accordion, keyboards),
Bob Mora (bass),
Dirk Doucette (ex WHITE GLOVE TEST, drums)

THE 17TH PYGMY- ballade of tristram`s last harping, 2008
selected tracks: 1. paint me / 2. last train

SMOLDERING ASHES - Nervous constellations, 2008
selected tracks:1. kite / 2. a comedy of arrows

Listen these 4 selected tracks HERE (16mb)

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