Nov 14, 2008

C.W. VRTACEK "Learning to be silent" (US,1986)

Member of bands like FOREVER EINSTEIN, BIOTA, and collaborator of Cutler, Didkovsky, DiMuzio... C.W.VRTACEK (a.k.a. Charles O` Meara) is a musician mostly related with the experimental, avant-prog field. He has released also many solo works which reveal a wide variety of styles, moods and influences.
"LEARNING TO BE SILENT" (1986, Leisure time records, Cordelia records) & "WHEN HEAVEN COMES TO TOWN" (1988, Recommended rec) are two albums that represent his acoustic, melodic side. Recorded at home with simple means and instruments (guitar, piano, sparse electronics, ambient sounds...) are a kind of meditative lo-fi new age landscape paintings, darkened by melacholic moments, invaded here and there by narrations and environmental samples.
Both albums reissued together on one cd, titled "
SILENT HEAVEN" (1996, Cuneiform).
This post gives for listening the "LEARNING TO BE SILENT " LP. Tracks though, are taken from the cd reissue which is one track poorer than the original issue.

when heaven comes to town, 1988

silent heaven, cd 1996


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vaubu said...

I've posted music by Forever Einstein on my blog before, but twice now it has been taken down preemptively, which is something I have never run into any other time. Recently, I've been enjoying C.W. Vrtacek's curating efforts on the Cunieform Records Compilation "Unsettle Scores". Cheers Paramo!