Nov 15, 2008

LOUIS PHILIPPE " Appointment with venus" (UK,1986)

Before he started writing songs, the talented Mr
LOUIS PHILIPPE (born 1959 in France as Philippe Auclair) was a university teacher, documentary director, writer... His first music attempts (with "THE BORDER BOYS" and "THE ARCADIANS") released from Brussels based label Le Disques Du Crepuscule circa 1984-85.
That time, MIKE ALWAY had just founded el records (el-Benelux) which first releases supported by Le Disques Du Crepuscule. So Louis Philippe joined el records and after the 12``single "Red roses and red noses" , he released "Appointment with Venus".
"Ivory Tower" and "Yuri Gagarin" were the other two LPs, this romantic "latin-englishman" made for el before the demise of label.



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