Nov 10, 2008

FOURWAYCROSS " Home " (US, 1986)

Founded in 1984 along with their own label MOTIV COMMUNICATIONS, FOURWAYCROSS was, next to SAVAGE REPUBLIC, a nearly equally important and influential chapter of the mid-eighties californian blend of post punk, local psych folk and british influence. They released an 8-track self titled cassette (1985) and two wonderful LPs: "FILL THE SKY" and "HOME" (1986). Following up output was much less interesting and an LP they made in 1989("ON THE OTHER HAND") was a darkwave, goth-pop orientated disappointing thing.
Other Fourwaycross/Motiv Communications related bands were: STEAMING COILS, BLISSED OUT FATALISTS, DOUBTING THOMAS (Tom Dolan`s band)...

FOURWAYCROSS: Biff Sanders, Tom Dolan, Steve Gerdes, Courtney Davies, Beth Thompson


Anonymous said...

It's always amazing what great records one could miss even if he bought tons of records from good shops ... well, in Germany. This is one of those records that had the potential to be a favorite for a long time. Great atmospheric, dark songs with good male and female voices and beautiful synth pads to deepen the atmosphere. Sometimes you are reminded of Savage Republic or 17 Pygmies or all of a sudden of Weekend. Would love to hear the other stuff they recorded! Any chance, paramo?

Anonymous said...

Found their debut cassette here:

Anonymous said...

another great share, thank you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading this. I have this LP, wold love to see more of them uploaded.
Great band for there time, i can't recall but some of them went on to become some other band.


Tom said...

Working on a compilation re-release. Funny to see this name pop up -- as was doing a Google search and this post is less than a month old. Anyone want more info, send me an email.

- Tom Dolan in Los Angeles