Nov 20, 2008

COURAGE OF LASSIE "The temptation to exist " (1986) / "Sing or Die" (1989)

Rare Amok records vinyl edition front cover

Refreshing the acoustic romantism of Pearls Before Swine, and Leonard Cohen... and setting on music poems of W.B. Yeats and the likes... these Canadian masters of quiet, art-folk melodrama get a position among the sound of rain, the evergreen whispers of fallen leaves and the autumn natural noises.
From the haunted
"hopes & fears" to the droning backgrounded auras of "air du temps"... from ingeniously covered "Bang Bang (my baby shot me down)" to holocaustic"Sing or Die" declarations... both albums have plenty of songs equally able to build their chilling echo inside you, for ever.


Anonymous said...

hi folie,

thanks for the nice blog - feels like vast parts of my own record collection have a mirror out there :-)

by the way the very nice ep by courage of lassie precursor "magic dragon" can be found here.

best regards

Anonymous said...

Courage of Lassie - This Side of Heaven (1994)

info about the album:

pass: iraklis

iraklis :)

Anonymous said...

limited edition (300) cassette entitled "Threshold of Hearing" (1984)

[this was the first recording as Courage of Lassie]
pass: courage

iraklis :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog. Google has been directing me to these site every time I look for something I haven't heard yet. I wanted to ask if you could post "At Swim Two Birds" by Peter Jefferies and Jono Lonie. I've been looking for it like mad and before I buy it I want to know how this Australian milestone sounds. Thanks a lot.

bikeboy said...

Great items but the Threshold of Hearing link doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions as to how I can get this download?
Regards, Rob

paramo said...

copy and paste the link (not the password) at the search-window of your screen. The link works ok.

Keir said...

I remember listening to 'Sing or Die' (as a teenager at the time, God knows how I was introduced to it, let alone give it more than a few seconds) and still am haunted by it...
"and the night closes in
like a black velvet hand
it stands to attention
in a soldier's stance"
brought the cassette with me here to Peking but no way to play it...

Anonymous said...

thanks for sing or die. so so good for these times