Nov 26, 2008

SHINY GNOMES "Some funny nightmares" (GER, 1988)

After first LP, "
Wild Spells", which we posted some months ago, here it is the second LP of SHINY GNOMES. Mainman Stefan Lienemann is also known from other projects: FIT & LIMO (psych-folk), DISCOLOR (space-drone-psych), PURE LUEGE (the pre-SHINY phase), GOD BOX a.o. Alike the first LP, "Some Funny Nightmares" is a very good neo-psychedelic, garagy album. "Lazing at desert inn" & "Dr Moustache", two of the more known Shiny Gnomes tracks are included here.

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Jack Tripper said...

Wow. I know this post is old, but thank you so much.