Nov 12, 2008

PEOPLE IN CONTROL " When it`s war ", 7``, (UK,1980)

I remember the song "when it`s war" as one of the finest moments of the several old and new crammed disc compilations. It is originated from early 80`s days, when the terms "new wave", "avant-garde" were nearly synonyms and crammed disc used to introduce us to so many new, unknown and amazingly pioneering works.
Searching, i found out that Charles Bullen (THIS HEAT) and Martin Frederix (FAMILY FODDER, ON-U-SOUND label) were involved with this short lived project, PEOPLE IN CONTROL.
Apart this 3 track EP, i haven`t listened to (or known) anything else from this band.


Anonymous said...

another great share, many thanks!


Anonymous said...

The title track is still the best (the third one being just a reprise). And it's just great, transporting 1981's spirit perfectly. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!

Another This Heat related release that should see more attention.

gidouille said...

I've had this single since, well since it came out I guess. It's great to get a digital copy of it, thanks. Incidentally, Rick Wilson from The Work is on this as well. The sleeve also lists Obvious Ian, Judy Jude, Buma Musawa and Michel, but I'm not sure who those people are. I've always assumed it was the Family Fodder / Woof records extended family.

Anonymous said...

i was in the studio when this track was recorded. it still haunts me.. beautiful & facsinating music..

bless you Martin..

Robert Andrew Scott said...


Could you kindly reupload this wonderful single? I only have it in a low-bitrate mp3.

Do you happen to have this record??

Thank you!

paramo said...

Robert, I reuped it. It's at 192Kbps