May 31, 2009


Italian chamber music ensemble HARMONIA works at the crossroads of classical and modern musical languages. Initially a trio of ORIO ODORI (clarinet), DAMIANO PULITI (cello) and ALESSANDRA GAROSI (piano) formed in 1991 and debuted in Materiali Sonori label with a work dedicated to NINO ROTA.
Including both covers on Rota's famous themes (from "8 1/2", "La Strada", "Rocco e i suoi frattelli", "Il Gattopardo", "Amarcord"...) and original HARMONIA compositions, the album suggests perhaps a not so innovative but certainly a romantic and emotionally valuable view of the work of the great master, refreshing the pleasures of that unrepeatable cinematic magnificence.

HARMONIA - Nino Rota
(12 tracks, approx 49 min)

*Check out also their remarkable 1994 release "Harmonia Meets Zappa"

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Anonymous said...

this sounds interesting. never heard of the ensemble, but all releases on materiali sonori i know are worth checking out. i'm much more interested in rota than in zappa, so i'm glad you picked this one!