May 13, 2009

GARETH WILLIAMS "Flaming Tunes" (UK, 1985)

Nearly 25 years after original release, great cassette album FLAMING TUNES is meeting finally its first (authorised) CD edition by LIFE AND LIVING Records who have announced reissue (carefully remastered and come out with 16-page booklet) for this month.
Bootlegged and misleadingly appeared as "This Heat's last demo", this obscured gem, product of collaboration among This Heat keyboardist/bassist GARETH WILLIAMS (1953 - 2001), his longtime friend MARY CURRIE and several guest musicians, was written after This Heat disbandment and , released on cassette in 1985.
Williams uses elements from This Heat aeshtetics but he goes beyond...exposing himself to wider, worldsound visions and deeper calls.
Grown like under the touch of a generous moon, FLAMING TUNES is a work original, eclectic, influenced by Williams trips to India, but above all, haunted by the revelation of a rare-quality songsmithness that unfortunately left no further output.

Restless Mind

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