May 7, 2009

FERDINAND RICHARD " En Forme!! " (FRA, 1980)

Spirited by the same uncompromised/anarchic style found, more or less, in all Etron Fou music, "En Forme !!", first of the two solo FERDINAND's albums, combines (through skillful performing and surrealistic imagination) the unpredictable/rawer sounds of band's earlier days with proto-flavour of the 80's/post-prog experimentations that were to appear in Etron Fou's and Richard's future works.

"EN FORME !!" played by: FERDINAND RICHARD (bass, guitar, vocals, composition), JO THIRION (piano), MARGOT MATHIEU (saxophone), HELMUT HARD (drums)... and released from french label CELLULOID.

From the many others FERDINAND RICHARD's bands, projects, etc.... we recommend GESTALT ET JIVE , Richard's collaboration with ALFRED HARTH, STEVE BERESFORD, ANTON FIER...

(13 tracks, approx 39 min)


Anonymous said...

i will ever be your friend! ;)

thanks for this oddity, paramo - absolutely stunning how you get hold of this rare stuff. i have the self-titled 2nd lp from gestalt et jive (on creative works, ch), but i rarely listen to it, to be true. i think it has been posted by mutant sounds, like the debut album, too.

xoxo, lucky

p.s.: i think within a few months, there will be nothing left unlinked at my wishlist... ;)

a-g said...

Thanks a lot for this one! Ferdinand's best.

Seems the rip is not from vinyl, from the CD or cassette?

And I think the last track omits a saying by Ferdinand at the end of the track that sounds something like "japa nisca got" or similar (not a french speaker, so wouldn't know!).

If anyone ever had lyrics available to these songs, possibly even translated into english, it would be great to see them.

gidouille said...

I have this on both vinyl and CD, but the CD transfer is kind of noisy, as apparently the master tapes to both this and En Avant are lost. Given a-g's comments I decided to download it for comparison purposes. I remember the flack this recording received when it was released, one reviewer compared it to Herman Brood of all things, but I've always loved it.

Anonymous said...

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