May 4, 2009


HISTORY (early years)
written by Knittting Factory founder MICHAEL DORF

The first part of LaFolieDuJour tribute to the legendary club-label

THE JAZZ PASSENGERS - if i were a bell ("Plain Old Joe", 1993)
THINK OF ONE - fabula roza ("Juggernaut", 1998)
WILLIAM HOOKER - pure imagination ("Distance Between Us", 1998)
FRIGG - die welt gefallt mir nicht mehr ("Brecht", 1999)
MARK DRESSER - fakir ("The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari", 1994)
REBECCA MOORE - lamp shop ("Admiral Charcoal's Song", 1996)
KISS MY JAZZ - you don't talk ("In Coffee We Trust", 1997)
HASIDIC NEW WAVE - tzur mishelo ("Jews & Abstract Truth", 1997)
ROY NATHANSON - bus ("Camp Stories" o.s.t., 1996)
''CAMP STORIES'' BAND - hine ma tov ("Camp Stories" o.s.t.)
CUONG VU - pure ("Pure", 2000)
JOE LOVANO - worship ("Future Jazz", v.a. comp, 1999)
PARADOX TRIO - rufus seven ("Flying At A Slant", 1997)
DON BYRON - allure of entanglement ("No-Vibe Zone: Live at KF, 1996)
HASIDIC NEW WAVE - eliyahu hanovi ("Jews & Abstract Truth", 1997)
KISS MY JAZZ - last house at the edge of the park ("Doc's Place Friday Evening", 1996)
W. HORVITZ & ZONY MASH - climacum after hours ("Brand Spankin' New", 1998)
MARK DRESSERthe circle is closing in ("The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari", 1994)

KFW pt.1

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Anonymous said...

i'd like to say thanks also here for the wonderful jazz passengers you dropped at my blog - pleasureful! ;)

since the new 'management' took over knitfac, things sure have changed there... to have a look at the old versions of their website, access it via the wayback machine of, a very helpful tool to visit old versions of websites:*/