May 1, 2009

SERGEI KURIOKHIN & HENRY KAISER "Popular Science" (US, 1989)

album sample: Foreign Accents (9:14)

Collaboration of experimental guitarist/free improviser HENRY KAISER with top russian avant-garde pianist/composer SERGEI KURIOKHIN (1954 - 1996). Recorded 1988 - 89 in Oakland, California.

HENRY KAISER - synclavier keyboard, electric guitar, production
SERGEI KURIOKHIN - synclavier keyboard


Anonymous said...

funny that you chose the russian cover for your post - this cd was intended for both side, the russian AND the west, so it came with TWO covers and liner notes, one kyrillic russian, the other latin english. ;)


paramo said...

(the artists suggest...) [...]
Many different presentations are thus possible.

много различных представлений возможны


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm missing smthing, but I can't understand the purpose of a post with just a sample and no review.

Godard said...

Heh anon
it might be an 'o' your missing!