Sep 23, 2009

Touching The Vibrating Silence : Sounds from the Hermit Foundation Art Symposiums (CZE, 1993 & 1995)

The Plasy Monastery
(front cover of "The Meridian Crossings" compilation)

Selections from two HERMIT FOUNDATION (art center in Czech Republic) compilations, with czech and international artists working on the basis of improvisation, modern composition and free-form sound. Apart from their innovative orientation, the tracks capture the haunted aura of the spaces of (former) monastery of Plasy (Pilzen), where they' re recorded, during the foundation's second ("GROWTHRINGS", 1993) and fourth ("THE MERIDIAN CROSSINGS", 1995) art symposiums.

01 VLASTIMIL MAREK & ROMAN BRENDA - untitled (singing bowls)
02 TIBOR SZEMZO & MARTIEN GROENEVELD - untitled (flute, xylophone, seamachine) 
03 VOJTECH HAVEL - untitled (cello)
05 JAROSLAV STASTNY - untitled (prepared piano)
06 WIEL CONEN - untitled (guitar, electronics) 
07 PAVEL FAJT - untitled (percussions)
08 PETER CUSACK - Bees in the bush (w MICHAEL DELIA on kalimba)
09 IRENA & VOJTECH HAVEL - untitled (viola da gamba) 
10 ORLOJ SNIVCU - Concert for Plasy (performed by J. Koran, M. Sebesta, M. Janicek, M. Koran, S. Austen)


selected by LaFolieDuJour


Godard said...

I Like a lot of this, but that Peter Cusack track is flippin' great; never heard it before! Thank you very much Paramo...another sterling post!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this very good compilation. You obviously have good tastes n music.
I think there's an error though in your selection. The Tim Hodgkinson track is not the right one IMO; I doubt there is clarinet on it. It's rather guitar and electronics. So with a quick google search, I guess it's the Wiel Conen track (also titled... untitled) from the same album.

Too bad for me, I really wanted to hear The Tim Hodgkinson's track !

paramo said...

new link with tracklist corrected.
anon, thanks for help... Hodgkinson track is here:

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much paramo for the Hodgkinson track.
I had to remove all the encoding errors, bips and clicks on it, but it was easy with thi skind of improvised music, and probably faster than to ask you another rip and upload.

Beware of your encoding/ripping software next time ;-)

Thanks again