Sep 18, 2009

PAVEL FAJT: Finding The Essence Of The Rhythm

photo taken by FAJT site

Percussionist, composer and multi-instrumentalist, PAVEL FAJT is one of the leading artists of creative music in Czech Republic. He has played with many top avant musicians as Tom Cora, Fred Frith, Ferdinard Richard & others, he has participated in alternative rock bands (DUNAJ, PLUTO) and yet his art is strongly related with traditional (ethnic) influences.
As an improvisator, Pavel Fajt approaching both the elemental (primitive) nature of percussions and the jazz/post jazz language, he "extracts" the noise from various objects and explores the transformation of it into music. Seeking the "essence of rhythm" he sometimes tests this "objects voice" up to an exhausting point where a sound or rhythm reveals a passage to another sound or rhythm.

photo taken by FAJT site

Apart from the well known to wider audiences records with czech alternative star IVA BITTTOVA, or the czech rock band DUNAJ, PAVEL FAJT has also written music for theatre performances & cinema, he has made solo albums and various others co-releases.

As an introduction to PAVEL FAJT, here's a compilation with tracks selected from some of these works:

PAVEL FAJT & JIM MENESES - Songs For The Drums, [Pavian,1994]
(samples: "my boy", "rosy rolls", "welcome to canaro")

FAJT HOMLER WAEGEMAN - Macaronic Sines, [Lowlands,1995]
(samples: "bottle song", "komida kapak", "postca
rd from azna sind")

DUNAJ - Pustit Musis [Rachot Behemot, 1996]
(sample: "v bilem")

FAJT, HOMLER, WAEGEMAN, KOEN VAN ROY- Corne De Vache [Victo, 1997]
(samples: "his master's voice", "tanecek", "bongo song")

PAVEL FAJT + MIKOLAS CHADIMA - Pruhledni Lide [Black Point ,1998]
(samples: "ale to nic, to prejde", "pruhledni lide", "kamen s napisem ruze")

PAVEL FAJT - Drum Trek [Indies, 2001]
(samples: "drum trek", "area sismica", "kvitosfera")

Listen to
PAVEL FAJT sampler
(16 tracks, 75 min)

compiled by LFDJ

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