Sep 10, 2009

LES BATTERIES "Noisy Champs" (FRA, 1986)

First LP from LES BATTERIES, an improvisation outfit, initially trio of master percussion-man GUIGOU CHENEVIER (Etron Fou Leloublan) with other two drummers, CHARLES HAYWARD ( This Heat) and RICK BROWN (V-Effect, Curlew).
Apart from drums'n'drums'n'drums, a little saxophone is played sporadically by Guigou, while Charles, recalling his "songwriting" side, sings some lyrics with that delightful "untalented" style, found also in his solo works of that era.

RICK BROWN - drums, vocals
CHARLES HAYWARD - drums, keyboard, vocals, lyrics

produced by Ferdinand Richard,
released by AYAA disques, Reims, France

A. Noisy Champs, Sunday & Dimanche, Identity Parade, Polar, Post-polar, Dernier Solo Avant L 'Autoroute, White Elegance
B. The Letter, Dernier Rendez-Vous Au Gord, Flintstone, Maksymenko, 3 Hommes Et Un Mouchoir, 3 Legs For Two Birds, Supply And Demand, Stop Those Ideas.

LES BATTERIES - white elegance

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posted by Koroviov (+ help of paramo)

"Le batteur est le meilleur ami du musicien " GUIGOU CHENEVIER


erik ruin said...

where is the link? i've been looking for this one forever....

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Neosfear said...

Les Batteries "Noisy Champs" is re-released with unreleased tacks by Musea Records in the collection les Zut-O-Pistes. See the link.

SmarterThanNobody said...

Likewise, where's the link?